Waratah is an Australian music trio which unites jazz, world music and contemporary Australian music into a remarkable fusion. This exciting adventure brings together three acclaimed musicians and their instruments, from different stylistic and cultural traditions, into a new and challenging context. The ensemble is rich in talents and experience, diverse in styles and backgrounds, and is innovative and rewarding in its musical output.
Sandy Evans is one of Australia’s leading jazz saxophone players, whose melodic inventions range far beyond the stylistic confines normally reserved for jazz. Sandy evokes new worlds of sound equally from sweet flowing sonorous lines, and from rich deep timbres and multiphonics.
Sandy’s saxophone is complimented by the exquisite textures and explosive passion of Satsuki Odamura’s koto. An acclaimed virtuoso on her instrument, Satsuki brings to the ensemble musical qualities that range from traditional Japanese tonalities and textures, to the avant-garde. Satsuki has truly revolutionised the koto in the context of contemporary Australian music.
The ensemble is tied together by Tony Lewis’s unique world of percussion. From a diverse armoury of instruments ranging from traditional non-western hand drums to pieces of found metal, Tony creates both sophisticated rhythmic structures and distinctive temperaments and timbres, upon which Sandy and Satsuki invent their own magic.
Sandy Evans, Satsuki Odamura & Tony Lewis each contribute compositions, and their performance incorporates liberal doses of improvisation. This is an ensemble which guarantees its audiences a new experience.

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