Satsuki Odamura
In performance Satsuki Odamura is remarkable to watch and to hear. (RealTime, Dec.-Jan. 1997-98)
Ms. Odamura [represents] a new generation of koto performers who are intent on crossing traditional lines, pushing themselves and their instruments to new frontiers and viewing their instrument as an instrument of the world. (Ethnomusicology, Winter 1995)
A star pupil of the Sawai Koto School in Tokyo, Satsuki Odamura moved to Sydney in 1989. Since then, she has performed with some of the leading artists and ensembles in Australia, including the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Synergy, Elision, Nadoya, Sangam, Slivanje, Riley Lee and Jim Denley. She has elicited compositions for the koto from numerous Australian composers, including Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine, Barry Conyngham, Michael Askill, Ian Cleworth, Anthony Briggs, Anne Boyd, Sarah de Jong, Liza Lim, Sandy Evans and Tony Lewis. She has recorded three CDs in Australia - Like A Bird, Burning House, and Koto Dreaming. The latter two consist entirely of Australian compositions for the koto, and Burning House won the 1998 Sounds Australian Award for the “most distinguished contribution by an individual to the presentation of Australian music.” Today Satsuki performs all around Australia and internationally.

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